Project:Best Practices

Thank you for contributing to the Astro, Esq. Library.

As we grow the library, it would be a good idea for us to collect some Best Practices.

  • Fill in your "User page," for when people read an article or edit and click on your username to learn more about you.
  • Categories
    1. Add a Category tag at the bottom of each page. They should look like [[Category:Name]]
    2. It takes a while for a new Topics page to automatically appear under the Topics drop-down on the Main Page.
  • References/Citations
    1. It is possible to include references/citations using the included tool-bar.[1]
    2. As a community, we should consider solutions to keep pages from getting too cluttered, i.e. creating a separate page for all references to OST Art. II.
  • Like this.